This morning in the news:

Roy Hodgson discusses England’s chances in Brazil. He believes they can win, possibly. Harry Redknapp admits Roy is better equipped than him, it is not known whether he was referring to the feeding habits of space monkeys.

This guy wants a beer at the match, and I don’t blame him.

Spurs will be hoping the big Belgian doesn’t recover in time for the weekend, although things are looking up for Benteke.

Ryan Giggs is 40 next month and relishing it.

Here is a man who is “gutted” because this weekend he’ll miss his first Wolves match in 37 years, all because of some silly step-daughter’s wedding. Gutted.

A number of stars from Serie A are off contract next season and could soon be turning out in the EPL. Here’s a look at them. Also, here’s the list of those from La Liga.

Nothing comes cheap in Monaco, especially Falcao.

The top 8 seeded teams have been announced for the 2014 world cup.



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