This week marks the quarter stage of the season and may start to give us some indication of where teams’ prospects lie although the league seems so even this season we will probably be waiting till the last day for final placings to be confirmed. There are some fascinating fixtures in store where questions will be asked and some may be answered. Such as: Will Mario manage to bump off the Magpies or will they further tarnish his reputation? Will Mary gain forgiveness for his sins so far with victory at Citeh? Can Fat Sam resist the temptation to revert to type or continue playing the football demanded by the fans? And can ‘Arry pull of the robbery of the century by stealing any points from Jose? Continue Reading

Congratulations to Brandon Brookland of Pik n Mix who is our FIFA 15 Fantasy Football Manager of the Month for October. Thanks to EA SPORTS our monthly mega prize pack of varying quality is now of a much higher overall quality than ever before. Included this year are the following hot new items:

  • adidas football boots
  • Limited edition Manager of the Season tea towel
  • Manager of the Month trophy

As always we will be including additional items of varying quality on a month to month basis. Pictured above is the August prize pack which also included an autographed CD from the famed Madden Brothers, along with some postcards featuring their faces (thanks Universal Music). There was also the Black Sails hip flask, a Nix sipper bottle, and an The Blacklist tee shirt! Wow!

Remember its free to play and you can sign up at any time throughout the season here.

Injury worries add further frustration to City’s Cup loss to Newcastle.

Roy Keane calls Scholesy out over new found enthusiasm for life in front of the camera.

This paints a rather absurd picture in the mind, Osman’s book claims sound entertaining at the very least.

Russia makes a typo ahead of FIFA World Cup 18, accidentally including the Crimea as part of Mother Russia in their launch video.

Torres explains Chelsea exit was his call and that a return to Atletico was never a real option.




We celebrated dads for Father’s Day and now it’s time to celebrate mums. Mums get the kids to practice and make sure they’re on time for the game. They find that lost sock and make sure the kids turn up looking great. Through rain or shine, success and disappointment, they’re there. They’re troopers and we want to make sure everyone knows it.

We have a great prize up for grabs – a trip to London in January 2015 for a mum and her child to see the Barclays Premier League live. Just nominate a mum that you feel goes above and beyond and deserves to win.

It is interesting to think what one could achieve with eleven able-bodied men in 531 minutes. The possibilities truly are endless. One might even be struck by the bizarre notion of organising them into a football team and seeing how many goals they can score. But that sort of creativity is reckless and should be stamped out. There are far more wholesome pursuits to which men could devote themselves. Like digging holes. Speaking of, here’s a puzzler for the mathematicians out there: if one man can dig a six-foot hole in one hour, how long will it take for eleven men to bury the aspirations of a football club? Continue Reading

Bony is definitely back.

Arsenal’s Ox likens Sanchez to Suarez.

Poch feels Pardew’s Pain.

Homegrown Chelsea teen has Mourinho’s trust, but there’s only one King.

Costa remains in doubt, so too now Falcao.

Stan Collymore defends Balotelli after another misfire.

“They didn’t create a lot, we deserved our win but it was a difficult one, more difficult than last week and maybe more nicer to win like this than last week because the lads showed great character and great ambition again.” – Ronald Koeman






Sergio Aguero has a new book. Here is an extract on his relationship with Mario Balotelli.

I still miss Mario Balotelli being at City. Even though he used to drive us all nuts. We all knew Mario was a little crazy. The thing was, Mario was crazy when he wanted to be.

He’d do daft things whenever he felt like it because he thought he could. We’d go out on the training pitch and he’d kick the balls away in different directions just to be silly, or he’d throw cheese over people when he was sat in the dining room. I couldn’t help but wind him up, calling him silly names and toying with him.

Continue Reading

I’m slightly hamstrung this week as I thought I had 2 free transfers but failed to clear up the Diego Costa conundrum and instead brought in Ivanovich. That fix will have to wait another week, by which time he’s likely back to full fitness anyway. Niggly. Don’t forget to sort your lineup prior to kickoff tomorrow night!

$1billion release clause for Christiano? Yeah ok, fair enough. (Telegraph)

Tim Howard’s Origi reunion. Do people still refer to him as the Secretary of Defence or has there been a Cabinet reshuffle?

This question is not aimed at any on field issues but what on earth is going on at Arsenal? In a move that even Judith Collins may flag as questionable, Kroenke Sports entertainment has invoiced the club for £3million of advisory services. A figure that neatly matches the ticket price increase sustained by fans already forking over the most to watch an underinvested in squad. (World Soccer Mag)

“We are in a very tough period in the club, but when you arrive to a club with big potential like Tottenham, a big club, and have the possibility to build something important, this is a very good challenge for us.” Pochettino to ITV.

With the ten week ban finally over Sid Lowe ask the question, is this the end or only the beginning for Luis Suarez.

As the air above Partizan Belgrade’s stadium swirls with drones, and flags, and controversy, Nick Ames writes about how much Serbia has given to world football.

Danny Simpson gave his thoughts ahead of Leicester City’s trip to Swansea on Saturday.

Joyeux anniversaire Mr. Wenger, may all Gunner dreams of a big, fast holding midfielder come true and may your ambition never wane.

The difference five years makes. Rory Smith of The Times thinks back to the last time Real Madrid visited Anfield.

Donbass Arena used to be such a lovely stadium, now it’s terrifying mess with walls of glass collapsing near passersby. (BBC video)

Alexander Netherton compares the defensive adventures currently shared by Liverpool and, especially, Manchester United.

Jose Mourinho thinks that Barcelona didn’t understand how to use Cesc Fabregas and I would think most Arsenal fans would agree with him. The lesson, as always, don’t go to ‘increasingly dirtied‘ Barcelona.

“We are not machines.” One of the greatest defenders of his era has retired. Amy Lawrence looks back over the nineteen years of William Gallas’s career.

These sorts of stories are never not amazing. Failed footballer jailed for impersonating Chelsea’s Gael Kakuta. Quite a smart plan choosing a player further down the depth charts and currently on loan in Spain to pretend to be. (BBC)

“I don’t have time to think about what Moratti says, I don’t even want to waste energy answering him.” The off field situation gets interesting at Inter. (

Jose Fonte talks to Southampton’s official site ahead of the Saints trip to Stoke City.



Fans at yesterday’s Roma, Bayern Champions League match swap shirts with the help of the security guards separating them.

Whatever they have put into the Premier League water, I want some. Every week we seem to have more goals than the last with many of them absolute classics. You know when even West Ham are netting three away from home that something strange is going on. Whatever it is I hope it continues.

Amongst the highlights of this past weekend – Spurs get done over by some Citizens, the Saints turn Black Cats into sinners, Everton continue the transformation of Aston’s heroes into Villains and Rangers take hospitality too far. For this and more, read on…… Continue Reading

Manchester City constantly claim that they need to garner Champions League experience before they will be able to make deep runs in the competition. But is that not exactly what you are acquiring when you assemble and fund the squad that they have? Draws with CSKA Moscow are a poor return on investment.

The forty goals scored in the Champions League today is a record for an eight game night, just four behind the overall record set on October 1st, 1997.

Andy Carroll models for Alexander Wang. West Ham agree for him to take part as thing only injury he could receive would be one to the ego. (Asian Age)

Why Alan Pardew and Harry Redknapp don’t deserve to manage wonder players. (What Culture)

What is more embarrassing? The cause of the embarrassment, then comment on the cause, or the comment on the comment? Whichever you choose, QPR is becoming a new synonym for the word.

Garry Monk walks the high road. (Mirror)

The Gabi, Zaragoza bonus affair twists on. (Marca)

The Shad Forsythe solution at London Colney is having an affect, that of accelerating the occurrance of long term injuries as Arsenal lose back up keeper David Ospina for three months. (Metro)

Who else is holding out on this last game of the round to rescue their fantasy week? Sky Sports’ preview of what has been an entertaining fixture in recent years as Louis van Gaal brings his Red Devils to The Hawthorns.

Liverpool have signed seven defenders since Jamie Carragher retired and , as Richard Jolly expands, their defending has only got worse.

The other Sky Sports pundit, Gary Neville, sits down with Jose Mourinho for a chat.

Meet the first woman to manage a British senior men’s team. (BBC)

Jonathan Wilson explores what went wrong for Sunderland on Gus Poyet’s ‘most embarrassing day’ and how significant is it?

A man has been arrested after flying a drone over the Etihad during Saturday’s lunchtime kickoff. He missed a trick, however, by not attaching a flag emblazoned with the logo for the Archway Sheet Metal Company a la the Greater Albania Eagle dangled in front of the Serbian crowd last week.

Galatasaray are fined €50,000 for damage done by fans to Emirates stadium as UEFA close their investigation into the incident. (

Raul is headed to New York. (ESPN)

We came for Ronaldinho but found Tijuana: A Football Report journeys south to see one of world soccer’s greats in the flesh one last time.


Three thoughts from Miguel Delaney on the crazy final minutes between QPR and Liverpool and Steven Caulker’s gift.

He’s three stone over-weight and I could run more than him” ‘Arry’s starting to throw players under the 220 from Wandsworth.

Lionel Messi acts like more of a dick than ever, refusing to be substituted. (101 Goals)

Marseille manager Marcelo Bielsa goes to take his usual seat on the drinks cooler and sits right on top of a scalding cup of coffee. (BT Sport)

Stoke City are righting the good ship Britannia with a second consecutive home win, much to the chagrin of Garry Monk who has labeled Victor Moses a cheat. (Daily Star)

Even worse than Arsenal. Jamie Carragher says Liverpool are the worst in the Premier League at defending set pieces. (OTP)

How much longer will Tyne-Wear derby fans continue to book the away trip to Southampton? The equivalent of a Christchurch to Invercargill round trip is a long way to travel for such listless efforts. (BBC)

What’s been happening in the Thai Premier League? (Soccerway)

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